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Whilst our focus is on securing a premises using quality door locking devices we will also look at electrocnic security, Alarms and also the role of a locksmith as they all relate to making our homes more secure and safe.

This video shows how to install a high security door lock.

Here’s a video about reinforcing your front door with some interesting results and information.

Types of Door Lock Security for the Home

When a construction has been completed there is need to install doors too. Doors form the entrance and exit into a building whether it is commercial or residential. They are therefore an essential part of any building. In the ancient  days small buildings could be constructed without windows but doors were a must even to the most unplanned for building. Burglary also happens through doors in most cases. Therefore, there is a major need to always reinforce the security of a building through the doors. When the security has been reinforced, forceful entry into the building is minimized as much as possible. In other occasions, there is also the need to control the movement through some doors like those of banks and other offices. The following are the types of door lock security within the home.

Manual door locks

Manual door locks & handles are the most common types of locks that are installed in the doors of most homes. A door with no lock does not provide the desired security to a home. The manual door locks are made in such a way that they can be locked using keys or may be reinforced with the use of a padlock. The lock is protected by locking it with a key. A good lock will keep thieves at bay since they are not able to open it and gain forceful entry. The strength of the lock to be installed is determined by the following factors: the size of the door, the material used to make the door and the weather of the area where it should be installed. The installation technician (locksmith) is in the best position to advise their client accordingly.

Alarm System Door Lock Security

A door can also be locked using door lock opener which is connected to an alarm system. Once the alarm has been set it should only be opened using a code otherwise the alarm goes off and alerts the relevant authorities. This is mainly useful after the system has been locked during a given period of time when one is not needed to access the house. The code that can open the door is only given to a few people.

Access Control

The door lock can also be secured using an access control system. This is the system where the entry through the door is limited to specific individuals alone. They are made to access the door with the use of proximity cards. Only the cards can access the door. Therefore, the installation technicians set the access control to accept certain cards into the door. Recent improvements in technology have also allowed one to access them using their thumb fingers. The people who are authorised to use the system have their thumbs programmed to be able to go through the door.